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Bob Mayo Memorial Stick Tournament

The Bob Mayo Memorial Stick Tournament got its start during a conversation between Kevin, Bob’s brother, and Steve, our club’s manager. They wanted to come up with a new fundraising idea that would bring members into the club for curling and socializing. Kevin, along with other members in our club, had started using a curling stick for delivering rocks during their games. The focus of the new event became stick curling and The Bob Mayo Memorial Stick Tournament became a reality.


The Bob Mayo Memorial Stick Tournament is held during the club’s winter session 

sometime between mid January and mid February. The two person teams must deliver each rock with a curling delivery stick. Games consist of six ends with six rocks being thrown by each team. One person skips an end and the other person throws the six rocks. Then they alternate roles for the remaining ends in the game. Sweeping is only permitted once the rock crosses the hog line at the playing end.


This tournament is open to all members of the Lunenburg Curling Club and other interested curlers. If you have never had any experience using a stick, it would probably be a good idea to get in some practice time during the scheduled members’ practice sessions.

Spiel Details:

  • Two person teams

  • All teams are guaranteed three games- one on Friday night and two on Saturday

  • The top 8 teams will curl another game in the playoff round

  • Entry fee - $50.00 per team

Save the Date

February 1-2, 2025 !!!

IMG_5178 2_edited.jpg

"Anne and I enjoyed ourselves, and all who took part in this event came away with lots of good cheer and no doubt lots of laughs and good fun. Kevin Mayo and the staff at the club did an excellent job. It's going to be hard to top that weekend of curling with the stick. The cheering sections were lively  for sure - my jaw was sore from laughing at their antics." - Jim Cosgrove

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