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Hello & Welcome Back LCC Members!

In the blink of an eye, our 2022/2023 curling season is very much upon us.  I can’t wait to see all your faces (and any & all new faces who join!).

We are preparing for a jampacked schedule of events and look forward to a lot of friendly competition and camaraderie on and off the ice!  After 2 seasons of uncertainty, we also still have plans in place should things change as the season runs its course.  We are excited for the return of our Ladies’ Scallop Spiel on November 12th and want to also note we have moved the Business Spiel from the New Year to November 18th & 19th.
The ice prep is about to commence which will now include our new addition – the Hack-to-Hack Solutions Inc.  vinyl curling sheets!  We expect cost savings and less burden on our volunteer base.  I want to thank Craig for his time and work on this. I’m happy to report we will have the help of Tracy Frowd again, as well as Kevin Grumetza from Rink Solutions joining us for our first installation of the sheets.  Along with the help of Wayne, Kevin Rafuse and Harvey – they should all have us organized and back on the ice October 24th. You will also note we have replaced the Covid-19 donation line on our registration form and replaced it with an opportunity for you to donate toward the Hack-to-Hack reusable curling sheets. 

I’m also happy to report we have had a couple key rentals during our off-season which have helped offset the loss of our Beer Garden.  The club was used while filming of Washington Black was in Lunenburg & Sweet & Saucey Catering have been in the kitchen making the club small delicious on the weekends! 

You will note a couple club improvements.  We want to extend our thanks again to Jim Eisenhauer for the donation of our two heat pumps. They were installed this summer and we are truly looking forward to seeing the potential for more rentals in the future now that we have an air-conditioned space to offer during those hot (humid) hot summer months!  Also, bring your sunglasses because things are going to be looking a whole lot brighter with the new LED lighting going in this week! We appreciate the time and work Lorne has taken to make this happen.  

I cannot thank all the members enough for making the LCC our favourite place to be!  I would be remiss if I didn’t share my appreciation to the members of the Executive.  Craig Munroe, Lorne Spence, Ashlee Feener, Al MacIntyre, Becky Nodding, Lola Greek, Bill DeGrace!  I am lucky to sit around the table with all of you and look forward to these next 2 years in my role as President.  Your support is palpable.

The role of Vice President had a vacancy, and as approved at the AGM held in June, we noted that the role would be filled internally. Craig Munroe has stepped into this role. Peter Mosher has now joined us filling the vacant director’s seat. I am saddened to report we are losing Bill DeGrace who has ‘graced’ us with his INCREDIBLE minute taking and board knowledge over these last years. He will be staying on until the Semi-Annual General Meeting, October 20th. His time has been beyond appreciated and he will be missed on all fronts.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone 902-521-0803 or email ( if you have any concerns or questions!

Be well & see you soon!


Kim Hanlon
President -LCC 


2022-23 Membership Fees 

Adult Member: $360.87 + HST = $415

New Member: $265.22 + HST = $305

1/2 Year Returning Member: $217.39 + HST = $250

1/2 Year New Member: $160.87 + HST = $185

Social Member: $43.48 + HST = $50

Junior Member: $115 + HST = $132.25

Special Student: $175 + HST = $201.25

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