Welcome Back! – Double the vaccine, double the fun…

Oct 1, 2021

Hello all!

  When I wrote the welcome letter to the Membership this time last season, I certainly did not think we’d still be staring COVID-19 in the face. I assumed, as I’m sure many of us did, that it would be safely behind us, and we’d be back to curling as usual. 

  Well, it looks like we’re back at the same dance, thankfully this time with a different tune.

  We look forward to the upcoming season with optimism and hopefully a feeling of confidence, as we know we’ve been here before.  

 The single biggest change this season is the requirement for all who participate in recreational activities to be double vaccinated with vaccines approved by Nova Scotia Health.  This requirement is not optional. Therefore, in order to be a Member of the Lunenburg Curling Club this season, you must be able to present a proof of vaccination.  Hopefully this can give Members a feeling of safety this season and allow us to further enjoy our sport in the way we’re accustomed.


  Thanks again to Bill DeGrace, Kim Hanlon, and Al MacIntyre for their efforts on our COVID-19 Committee. It has been more than a year of effort on this front with continual updates, giving them many things to stay on top of.


  The ice will start going in over the next few weeks, and this year brings a few changes. Our usual ice maker, Graham Conrad, secured a full-time position as ice maker this upcoming season at Lakeshore Curling Club. Between that and the ice duties required at the Curling Pre-Trials in Liverpool later this month, Graham was unsure if he could devote the time required. He was willing to try, bless him, however we all agreed it may be too much.  Thank you, Graham, for all your efforts in previous years, we will miss your skill and attention to detail this Fall.

  We are happy to announce we were able to secure an extremely capable ice maker in Tracy Frowd to lead the charge this season. Tracy has an excellent reputation as an ice maker, as anyone who has curled at the Dartmouth Curling Club can attest. Between Tracy, Wayne, and our Ice Committee volunteers, I am sure the ice is in good hands this season. Special thanks to Craig Munroe for his tireless efforts in overcoming the many obstacles in the past few months. If all goes according to plan, our first day of Curling will be October 25th.


  If anyone was around the Club this summer, you would have seen lots of activity! We were fortunate to have a full Summer rental with The Sinner, a Netflix show.  The timing couldn’t have been better as we were losing Beer Garden for the second year in a row. This rental has put us on good financial footing for this upcoming season and has allowed us to do some much needed maintenance work around the Club.  Some safety issues in the Men’s washroom required us to do a renovation, and a brine leak in our Ice Plant means some repairs are necessary.

  I am glad to say the new dehumidifier has been installed and will be functional for this upcoming season. This will make a tremendous difference to the quality of our ice and should allow for better curling in the shoulder seasons.

  In terms of COVID policy, some things will change, some things will remain.  We will start the season with the Locker Rooms open. This will come with a limit on the number of people in the locker room at any given time.  We will resume walk-up service at the Bar, as long as mask and distancing protocols are followed.  Distancing at tables is no longer required, and a maximum of 25 people are allowed per table.  Given our table arrangements last season, even having 8 per table should feel downright cozy. A full list of COVID protocols for the season will be released before the first day of Curling. We will be starting this season with a Members-Only policy. We recognize this will limit family members being able to watch games, however Social Memberships are available, and this entitles you to full Club access.


  As always, a big thank you to all the members of the Executive. The dedication they show is truly fantastic, and without them this Club would be worse for wear. Kim Hanlon, Craig Munroe, Lola Greek, Becky Nodding, Ashlee Feener, Bill DeGrace and Al MacIntyre, thank you.  Wayne, welcome back for another season, your presence is always appreciated.

  For those that didn’t hear, this season we will miss Chris Clark on our Board. After many seasons as a Director and Chair of the Membership Committee, Chris now has the opportunity to focus purely on curling. Thank you, Chris, for your years of service. Hopefully she can still bring delicious baked goods to Learn to Curl!

  As for Learn to Curl, a big welcome to all our newest Members. Last season saw our largest ever Learn to Curl program. It was a big success with a capable group of instructors led by Jim Eisenhauer. We welcome Jim back to the program this Fall and anticipate another great group.

  Registration will be available online this season as it was last year, there is a link on our website to the online portal.  Payment of fees and bar tabs will continue to be online. For ease of use we encourage all Members to use the e-transfer option.


   Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any questions or concerns for the upcoming season. 

I look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Lorne Spence
President - LCC

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