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2014-15 Fall
Whynacht Memorial Trophy

The Winners
Team Fralick

The Runners-up
Team Miller


1. David Allen, Mike Sologuk, Lola Greek

2. Eric Miller, Richard Cluett, Cathy Kelly, Lynn Mowbray

3. Pat Oldfield, Heather White, Bill DeGrace, Lynne Weagle

4. Eric Walters, Jessica Robar, Bill Miller, Todd Weagle

5. Dave Fralick, Lynn Walters, Brian Jobb, Donelda Richard

6. Linda MacDonald, David Leary, Barbara Carthew, Graham Mowbray


    Spare - Al MacIntyre

2014-15 Winter 
W. F. Knock Trophy

The Wednesday Night Playoffs were cancelled due to snow.
The two top teams scheduled to play were
Team Allen (7,2,0)  & Team Walters (5,3,1)


1. David Allen, Lynn Walters, Jean-Guy Richard, Lynn Richard

2. Eric Miller, David Leary, Bill Miller, Lynne Weagle

3. Dave Fralick, Graham Mowbray, Cathy Kelly, John Bell

4. Pat Oldfield, Lola Greek, Brian Jobb, Charlotte Roblee

5. Eric Walters, Mike Sologuk, Barbara Carthew, Lynn Mowbray

6. Lorne Spence, Andrew Himmelman, Shaun Mahoney, Justin Kendall

7. Linda MacDonald, Richard Cluett, Todd Weagle, Yvette Tanner

8. Michael Best, Jesica Robar, Bill DeGrace, Donelda Richard


    Spares - Al MacIntyre

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