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Ladies Scallop Spiel Results

2019 Results

Congrats to the 2019 Champions! 
The 4 J's: Jan Merrill, Jean McKiel, Judy Wagner and Jill Honda

2018 Results

unnamed (1).jpg
Congrats to the 2018 Champions! 
Lunenburg's Dragger Crew:
Allison, Maury, Roberta, Susan & Anne

2017 Results

Held on Saturday November 18th at the Lunenburg Curling Club, we were blessed with good weather for travelling, exciting curling , great food and camaraderie. We have many people to thank for another successful event: our sponsors ,prizes and silent auction donors, those who signed up to bring in food and our dedicated volunteers. Thank you to Steve Rhodenizer and his staff, with a special thanks to Wayne Cleveland, and the Day Ladies for all your help.

Congrats to the 2017 Champions! 
Lunenburg's House Bunnies:Julie, Beth, Sharon & Sue

Teams & Rankings

2016 Results

What a great, fun and successful day we had at our 7th Annual Scallop Spiel. The curling was great, with lots of close games. Many teams have been coming back each year. The atmosphere at the club was familiar and friendly. We received many compliments on how well organized the spiel is, what great support we get from our community, sponsors, donors and volunteers. They commented on how well they are fed, from the scones, mini-muffins, lemon breads and assorted loaves, fruit and yogurt at breakfast, the delicious seafood chowder or chili at lunch, to afternoon tea and appetizers later in the day

Congratulations to 2016 overall winners Team Mates Ahoy; 
Annette Forward, Lola Greek, Anne Ruel and Linda McAuley

Teams & Rankings

2015 Results

The 6th Annual Scallop Spiel was held at the club on
Sat. Nov 14, 2015 and by all accounts was the “best ever”.  Congratulations to
The Dragger Crew a combined Lunenburg/Bridgewater team with

skip Heather Douglas, mate Maury Mossman,

second Lorraine Drummond and Lead Wendy Oxley.

Teams & Rankings

2014 Results

The 5th Annual Scallop Spiel was held at the LCC on Saturday, November 8th. Congratulations to

Team She-shells from the Halifax Curling Club

who were the overall winners.

Team members are Jill Mason, Susan E-Connor, Jane Everist and Margo Duncan.

Teams & Rankings

Rank  pts    Team
 1st     48     She-shells            Jill Mason, Susan E-Connor, Jane Everist, Margo Duncan   
 2nd    47     Clam Diggers       Abbey Miller, Michelle Williams, Mary Porter, Juliette Cooke   
 3rd     45     Dory Plugs           Wendy Mayo, Gladys Collicutt, Kim Hanlon, Ashley Feener   
 4th     42     Harbour Lights    Louanne Labelle, Deeanne Hemphill, Doris Nicholson,  Donna Sameoto
 5th     42     Beach Bums         Jill Alcoe Holland, Andrea Saulnier, Nancy Belliveau, Julie Morley
 6th     40     Blue Jays              Karen Jay, Hannah Grist, Amy Macintyre, Sandra Rhodenizer
 7th     40     Team MacKay       Marjorie MacKay, Norma Reid, Karen Romkey, Brenda Nearing
 8th     40     Flower Girls          Barbara Churchill, Dianne Dunstan, Eleanor Travis, Jean Kidd
 9th     35     Dragger Crew       Heather Douglas, Wendy Oxley, Maury Mossman, Barbara Oldfield
10th    32     Ladies of the Ice  Marilyn Neily, Colleen Neily, Ellie Squires, Karen Killam   
11th    26     Mates Ahoy           Annette Forward, Lola Greek,  Sue Boulanger,  Anne Ruel  
12th    25     No Frills                Marilyn Delaquis,Linda Macdonald, Barbara Himmelman, Louise Strickland    
13th    23     Out of our Shells  Eileen Samson, Debbie Reid, Maggie,Wood, Peggy Lewis 
14th    17     Shipmates            Laura Webber, Cathy Jacob, Roberta Macdonald, Sylvia Rowlands   
15th    16     Team Cameron    Margaret Cameron, Adine Boutilier, Vivian Bright, Helen Murphy  
16th    12     Snowflakes          Pat Bollong ,Gloria Peterson, Gerry Sawler, Mary Lou Carmichael   

2013 Results

The 4th Annual Scallop Spiel was held at the LCC on Saturday, November 9th. Congratulations to Team Beachcombers from the Glooscap Curling Club

who were the overall winners.

Team members are Jocelyn Nix, Andrea Saulnier, Jill Alcoe-Holland, and Julie Morley.

Top 5 Teams & Rankings

Rank  pts    Team
 1st     58      Beach Combers(Glooscap)    Jocelyn Nix,Andrea Saulnier,Jill Alcoe-Holland,Julie Morley
 2nd    57      The Dorey Team (Wolfville)    Audrey Dorey, Barb Fraughton,Norma Reid,Karen Romkey 
 3rd     51.5   Team Bollong (Dartmouth)    Pat Bollong,Gloria Peterson,Doreen O'Toole,Gerry Sawler 
 3rd     51.5   Blue Jays (Mayflower)    Karen Jay,Louane Leblanc,Amy Macintyre,Sandra Rhodenizer 
 5th     49.5   Harbour Lights (Dartmouth)    Louanne Labelle, Doris Nicholson, Donna Sameoto, Cathy Spencer  

2012 Results

The 3rd Annual Scallop Spiel was held at the LCC on Saturday, November 10th. Congratulations to Team Clam Diggers from the Lakeshore Curling Club

who were the overall winners. Team members

are Virginia Jackson, Denise Fitzgerald,

Michelle Williams, and Mary Porter.

Teams & Rankings

Rank    Club                   Team                                            Rank    Club                   Team 
 1st       Lakeshore         Clam Diggers                                9th       Bridgewater      Out of Our Shells

 2nd      Lunenburg        The Dragger Crew                       10th      Dartmouth         Leam Labelle

 3rd       Bridgewater      Ladies of the Ice                         11th      Middleton           Senior Middy's                        

 4th       Mayflower         Team Churchill                            12th      Mayflower          Team Cameron

 5th       Kentville             Loud Girls                                   13th      Chester               Team Fraughton

 6th       Lunenburg         No Frill                                        14th      Windsor              Girls' Day Out

 7th       Lunenburg         Dory Plugs                                  15th      Lunenburg         Scallopburgers

 8th       Lunenburg         Mates Ahoy


2011 Results

The 2nd Annual Scallop Spiel was held at the LCC on Saturday, November 10th. Congratulations to Team Labelle from the Dartmouth Curling Club

who were the overall winners. Team members

are Louanne Labelle, Louise MacPhee,

Donna Sameoto, and Doris Nicholson.

Clubs & Teams

Club               Team
Dartmouth     Team Labelle                                   Beaver CC, Moncton   Team Neilson       

Kentville         Team Morley                                   Bridgewater                 Team Avery

Middleton       Senior Middys                                 Dartmouth                   Team Bollong

Lakeshore      The Clam Diggers                           Lunenburg                   Team Boulanger           

Lunenburg     Team Mayo                                      Lunenburg                   Dragger Crew

Mayflower      Team Fraughton                             Mayflower                    Team Cameron

Lunenburg     Maureen's Idea                                Lunenburg                   No Frills

Lunenburg     Mates Ahoy                                      Windsor                       Team Parker



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